March 2007
I worked on this CD for nearly 3 years before it was finished. The result is something I hope you will like.
The songs chosen for this album are great! The songwriters are so gifted and the musicians are top-notch. I have sang at festivals, state fairs, restaurants, coffeehouses, and was even the opening act for the opening act for a Merle Haggard concert! Very exciting! When I first started singing, people said I sounded like Patsy Cline. She was a favorite of my mom and dad's and I grew up listening to her, so her "sound" does influence my music, but I think I've grown into my own voice. I love this CD - my debut, and I hope you will like it, too.

Available @ CD Baby - Price: $12.97

© 2007 Diamond Music Group (837101303828)

1. The Dating Game (Aaron Scherz/New Huntsman Songs/ASCAP & Jeff Batson/Hi-Value Music/ASCAP)
2. Just Our Love (Mila Mason/Diamond in the Sun Music/ASCAP & David Martin/Stuck On Stupid/ASCAP)
3. Power of One (Aaron Scherz/New Huntsman Songs/ASCAP)
4. Play It By Heart (Bo Riddle/Dreamcat Music/BMI & Jackie Julio/BMI & Sheila Fox)
5. One of Those Who Makes It Up There (Alice Schrable/Dyecast Music/BMI & Doug Deforest/Dyecast Music/BMI)
6. Down to the Letter (Billy Yates/Warner Tamerlane Pub. Corp, Green Ivy Music/BMI & Aaron Scherz/New Huntsman Songs/ASCAP)
7. On Purposes (Mila Mason/Diamond in the Sun Music/ASCAP)
8. Cold Window Pane (Bo Riddle/Dreamcat Music, BMI)
9. Forever Green (Deborah Allen/Memphis Princess Music/BMI and Town Lake Music Publishing, LLC & Mila Mason/Diamond in the Sun Music/ASCAP & Kalisa Ewing/Kalisa Music/ASCAP)
10. Lord Willin'(Jeff Batson/Hi-Value Music/ASCAP & Aaron Scherz/New Huntsman Songs/ASCAP)
11. Soulmate (Bo Riddle/Dreamcat Music/BMI & Jackie Julio/BMI)

Producer: Doug Deforest
Tracking Engineers: Jon Raney, Greg Roller, Doug Deforest, Ian Driesel
Recorded at: Raney Recording Studio Drasco, AR; Caravell Studio, Branson, MO; Lake Paradise Studio, Cherokee Village, AR
Mixed at: Lake Paradise Studio, Cherokee Village, AR
Mixing Engineers: Doug Deforest, Ian Driesel
Background Vocals: Doug Deforest, Becky Coffee, Sara Jo Roark
Mastered by: Brad Apple at Acoustic Spectrum Studio, Batesville, AR
Graphics by: CJ Evans, Pangburn, AR
Photographer: Matt Schuetz, Batesville, AR

The Cuttin Crew

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